Collection: FASHION

I sustainably manufacture all parts of the collection from design to completion myself in my own workshop. I use different materials in my collections, mainly deadstock fabrics, natural materials such as cotton, viscose, jersey, wool and wool blends, but organic fabrics (GOTS) are also selected for spiriti'ms pieces. The integration of abstract art on fabric plays a significant role in my collections, with power words, energetic symbols and consciously chosen colors finding more and more space. By printing my artwork onto the fabric, I create fascinating fashion pieces that combine art and fashion. ART on the fabric is very important to me, which is why a number of pieces in the collection are provided with typical "spiriti'm" paintings. These artistic accents emphasize the individuality of the fashion piece and make it unique. This creates unique small series and one-offs. In addition, eyelets, carabiners, clips and bag belts are also incorporated into my items to allow individuality to flow in and to further underline the uniqueness of each piece of clothing. All of these aspects come together to create a harmonious interplay of art and fashion that characterizes spiriti'm.