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Collection: ART

A great passion of mine is not only the painting of the collection part, but also the love for abstract energy images. Art is the expression of a person who perceives his surroundings with special inner filters and then reproduces them. The basis of art is the feeling and in the best case the feeling of the artist also affects the viewer. Art is a human cultural product, the result of a creative process.
My pictures are on the one hand a mirror of my feelings and on the other hand the play with the colors would like to inspire you to create a different world for yourself. In this way, art always broadens the viewer's horizons if they are open to it. It is most beautiful for me when my art opens hearts and plants the seeds of love and joy. Fashion, art & creativity are my life. I hope you can feel it As an artist, I choose certain colors from the heart and let myself be carried through the waves of my mood and creativity again and again and use different techniques to make my feelings visible.

Creativity is limitless - and so is art...